The Explore.Travellr Application

General information

explore.travellr is fully compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. The Current feeds available are listed on the Tools page.

How to search

A user is met with a search suggestion upon visiting the home page. They are given an example search which includes an activity and location, this combination will yield the most results. However a search solely activity or location based is possible. Once a user has entered their search terms and selected explore they will be met with a results page. Each feed is individualised by its logo and when selected opens up a modal box to show more content. The model box gives the url of the original content.

Background process

Once a search query is submitted it is sent to travellr's API to be broken up into activity, location and noun-phrase terms. These terms are then sent back to e.t and packaged into strings which are tailored to their external API's or RSS feeds. Each feed item treats the search string differently (json, xml, yql) and are returned in various formats. These formats are standardised by e.t and displayed to the user in different and engaging ways.


Scrapbook can be used to save individual feeds for later use. You can add and remove our own folders, giving them personalised names. You can either drag feed items to the drop-down scrapbook or select the scrapbook option from a modal box.