Robert Tilt

About Me

Hi, my name’s Rob, and I’m an IT guy. Not in the cliché, hacking for breakfast sort of way, but I love technology. So far I’ve started my career being graphic designer, but that has evolved into web development. This gives me an awareness of both arenas, which makes the transition from design to implementation as smooth as possible.

Project Roles

Semester One/Semester Two: Marketing Coordinator, Project Manager


Freelance Designer 2008 - Present, contractual

Aegres 2008 - Present, casual


Upon my completion of this degree in November, I will be seeking full-time employment

Contact Details

Acedemic History

Bachelor of Computing 2008 - Present, currenty undertaken

Bachelor of Fine Arts 2005 - 2007, incomplete


I am obsessive about all thing tech and also an aficionado of cinema (both classic and contemporary). I ride a Vespa, keep tabs on the video gaming biz-dev industry, and when I get the chance I love having a beer down by the waterfront in the afternoon sun.