Matthew Platts

About Me

My name is Matthew Platts and I enjoy sport, business, and website/webapp creation. I am in my 5th year of university; I started out studying business (majoring in marketing) and law for 3 and a half years before switching law to information systems (I stopped law because of its lack of creativity and the looming life of boredom and case precedents). I had always wanted to start a business and decided web design could work considering my small budget. I taught myself how to create websites and started making some for people at ridiculously low prices. Now days I am charging more realistic prices and hope to get a ruby on rails job in Melbourne in 2011.

Project Roles

Semester 1 saw me take the role of administrative manager. My task was to ensure the weekly minutes and schedule were submitted each week; however since our team was so organised and committed, this role required little effort and left me craving a bit more responsibility.

In semester 2 I became the new client liaison, hoping to provide effective communication between the group and the client. This proved to be a challenging role, mainly due to ongoing requirement of keeping up-to-date with where exactly the team was up to.

Luckily our client, Ian Cummings, was a breeze to communicate with. He was quick to encourage and he always managed to gracefully point us in the right direction while still leaving us a lot of control. He also bought us beers.


I have made around 7 websites. 3 of them I made with ruby on rails. 2 of them include e-commerce capabilities (shopping cart and order’s backend). Another 2 are Wordpress, which I have quite a good understanding of (I converted the html/css for into a wordpress theme). I have experience in outsourcing work to other web designers (including people from India and Indonesia), and plenty of client liaison experience. I am currently creating a small web design business (including marketing and branding) that I am trying to automate.

Contact Details


I play soccer and Ultimate Frisbee (look it up). I also like reading books and playing a bit of Starcraft 2.