Jake Kobes

About Me

I have years of experience in the PHP/MySQL and VBA/Access software development stacks.

I also have had experience with the .NET framework (using VB), developing small Java, ActionScript and JavaScript Apps, handling small business networks with Windows SBS and a lot of soft skills relating professionalism, documentation and evaluating.

My future goals are increase my knowledge and aptitude in advanced PHP, obtaining skills in rapid JavaScript development using frameworks and gaining a better understanding of the .NET framework.

Project Roles:

Semester One: Project Manager

I worked as the PM for the first half of the project, I spent most of my time in this role scheduling, organising and communicating with the team on various deliverables that were required by our client and the project process defined by the university.

Semester Two: Reporting Coordinator

I worked as a RC for the Release 2 report, My job was focused on coordinating all documents related to the report and compiling them into one cohesive file.

My Skills:

Relevant Employment:

Freelance Developer 2008 - Present

Website solutions for business, worked with a variety of languages and software packages, such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and Software such as Adobe Photoshop, worked with Drupal CMS and its rapid rollout e-commerce module, Ubercart

Systems Administrator April 2009 - Present

The Works Printing Group (Printing industry)
Systems Administrator, Database Administrator, VBA/VB.NET Programmer, Helpdesk and Tester. Basically all IT needs for the company.

Contact Details:

Academic History

Bachelor of Computing 2008 - Present

Certificate IV in Information Technology (Website Design) 2006 - 2007

Certificate III in Information Technology (Software Applications) 2005 - 2006

Memberships and Honours

I am a member of the Australian Computer Society and was offered membership in the Golden Key society, given only to the top 15% in a specific university discipline.