What is explore.travellr?

Explore.travellr is a online web application. The application's primary function is to act as a travel based search engine which provides a central resource of information and inspiration for travellers.

Users are able to search for a location or activity, and receive information based on that search. When a search is processed, it displays geographically relevant information from various sources on the internet such as Flickr, Travellr, Gecko-Go, Travellers Point, You-Tube, Twitter and World Nomads.

The application provides the information to the user in an engaging and dynamic manner. The user can then interact with this information, both within the webpage and also follow it to its source. By engaging the user and encouraging them to interact with the information, the application aims to increase flow-on traffic to Travellr.com, subsidiaries and partners of the World Nomads Group, thereby increasing their pool of potential customers.

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